Fathom is a Bible study for teens that covers the Old and New Testaments in 18 4-session studies. The lessons are a blend of narrative and traditional theological approaches to understanding the Bible story.

Each lesson will focus on one passage that will launch into the larger context of God's story being studied,and how that story is meant to be theirs. Fathom is suitable for groups with middle schoolers, high schoolers, and any combination of the two. But unlike many other resources, it acknowledges the differences between older and younger youth and the way they learn.

It provides activities specific to each age group, as well as activities for mixed groups in which older youth have leadership opportunities. Fathom gives leaders the option to let youth take ownership of their learning through teaching and leading alongside adults. Fathom creates space and tension for teens to wrestle with how to interpret and experience the Bible. 

Through youthministrypartners.com, leaders will have access to planning and teaching tools, customizable content, and other supplemental content to support their use of Fathom as well as their youth ministries in general.


The Bible is what sets Fathom apart from all other Bible studies. The Fathom series is designed to help teens break down the barriers of fear, awkwardness and unfamiliarity to reading and studying the Bible for themselves and it starts with The Bible. In a clear and engaging way, it will help your...


In The Beginnings study, your group will be handed the keys to exploring the mystery and beauty of the origin of the universe, the birth of the human race, and the interrelationship between God, humans and nature. From there, you’ll see how God’s relationship with humankind led to the founding...


The Passion will explore the events surrounding Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion and their meaning for believers today.


The wilderness journey of the Israelite's was filled with mishaps, mistakes, doubts, fears, complaints, whining, and outright rebellion on their part. God guided them on the journey with God's holy presence, miraculous deeds, outpouring of mercies, and corrective discipline. There were lessons to be...

Coming of Jesus

The Coming of Jesus is a journey through some of the key Old Testament scriptures that shape our beliefs about the specific events leading to the birth of Jesus. As you compare these scriptures to the New Testament fulfillment's, may you join those first disciples in saying, “Weren’t our hearts...

Birth of the Church

In this session students will explore what it meant to be followers in the early church. Using both scripture and historical knowledge of how churches would have functioned they will discover similarities and differences between the early church and churches today. (Acts 1-8)

Promised Land

This study explores the faithfulness of God towards the Israelites as Joshua leads them across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. The study centers on the books of Joshua and Judges and focuses on God's promises towards the Israelites as they struggle to settle the land while staying faithful...

Teachings of Jesus

In this study, you and your teens will gain a ground level perspective of the message of the gospel from the writers and their sources. With each lesson, your group will become transformed by the teachings of Christ who became flesh and lived among us with grace and truth. This study will explore...

Life in the Church 1

This study will cover what it may have been like to be part of the early church in the 1st Century. In addition to unpacking selected teachings of Paul, teens will gain an understanding of the historical contexts and local church situations that led him to writing these letters. (Romans-Philemon)

Birth of the Kingdom

This study will examine the History of God’s people as told in 1, 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles.

Wisdom of the Kingdom

The Wisdom study will help teens gain an appreciation for the Bible’s wisdom literature, and the situations and people from whom they came.

Spread of the Church

The Spread of the Church covers the missional activity of early church leaders, particularly Paul as recorded in Acts 9-28.

Broken Kingdom

The Broken Kingdom chronicles the history of Israel and Judah in 1, 2 Kings, Amos, and Micah.

Life in the Church 2

This study will cover what it may have been like to be part of the early church in the first century. In addition to unpacking selected teachings in Hebrews-Jude, teens will gain an understanding of the historical contexts and local church situations that led to the writing of these letters.

Leaders of the Church

This study will highlight the lives and ministries of early church leaders.

Exile and Return

This study will focus on the prophetic proclamations and reflections of Israels’ Exile and Return from Hosea, Esther, Ezra and more.

Promise of the Future

The Promise of the Future focuses on Israel’s future messianic hope as recorded in Ruth, Isaiah, and Micah.

Return of Jesus

The Return of Jesus explores apocalyptic literature throughout the Bible, what it does and doesn’t tell us about Jesus’ return, and the key takaway(s) for followers of Jesus.
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