The First Rule of Counseling Youth

Jeremy Steele

The first rule of counseling youth is don't talk about counseling youth. That means don't say things like "I've got a counseling appointment with Jim...

Nurturing Sacred Community

Austin McCann

When I was 13 years old my family was having one of our “game nights”. Sitting around the table playing a game of cars was my Mom, Dad and younger...

Ministering to A.D.D. Teens

Kellen Roggenbuck

Kids who struggle with Attention Deficit are an important aspect of your youth ministry. Here’s how to effectively reach them.

Releasing Graduates

Jeff Baxter

Graduation is coming fast for the high school seniors in your youth ministry. It is a new season for them. They need your help before, during and...

Engaging Gen Z Students

Dan Istvanik

Millennials are no longer the students in our ministries and actually, they are the adults and volunteers leading our ministries. The church has spun...

6 Ways To Prepare Students For A Mission Trip

Chase Snyder

Some of our students were taking more pictures of the people in Guatemala than serving the people of Guatemala. ...

Teaching Teens to Pause

Katie R. Mussat

My 9-month old baby will not take a pacifier. She will reach for my smartphone. At first I thought it was because my cell phone case was black and...

Enjoy the Honeymoon

Tony Akers

I have been through five job transitions in my vocational life. Each transition was unique, because they took place at different churches. The one...

Together in Ministry

Rachel Dodd

Whether you're dating or married, vocational or volunteer, serving in the same ministry or serving independently, here are three things you can do to...

Why You Need To Have Pre Mission Trip Meetings

Josh Schack

This intentional time, if used well, can reap incredible benefits well beyond your trip! Here are four tips that you may want to consider as you begin...

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