Spice Rack was created by Mark DeVries for the volunteer junior and senior high school Sunday school teachers. The curriculum is designed to move from a lecture style teaching method and instead provides teachers with options for creating a fast-paced, interactive, faithsharing experience.

In each lesson are these components:

  1. Engaging the Brain ~ At least three options for opening the lesson.
  2. Igniting the Heart ~ Three options for digging into the meat of the lesson.
  3. Taking it Home ~ One or two options for closing the lesson.

The year-long Spice Rack bundle download will include 48 lessons and the suite of leader tools, helps, and training offered by Youth Ministry Partners at

Genesis: In this study, youth will engage in a discussion about the two creation stories and how each of us were created in the image of God.
ISBN 9781501815935
Mark DeVries (Writer)
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date November 1, 2015
Binding Digital Media