Spice Rack was created by Mark DeVries for the volunteer junior and senior high school Sunday school teachers. The curriculum is designed to move from a lecture style teaching method and instead provides teachers with options for creating a fast-paced, interactive, faithsharing experience.

In each lesson are these components:

  1. Engaging the Brain ~ At least three options for opening the lesson.
  2. Igniting the Heart ~ Three options for digging into the meat of the lesson.
  3. Taking it Home ~ One or two options for closing the lesson.

The year-long Spice Rack bundle download will include 48 lessons and the suite of leader tools, helps, and training offered by Youth Ministry Partners at

Parable of the Wandering Sheep: Jesus is a great storyteller. This lesson connects students to the parable of the wandering sheep, inviting them to have a greater understanding of the character of God.
ISBN 9781501815942
Mark DeVries (Writer)
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date November 1, 2015
Binding Digital Media