Women in the Bible, leadership, what's really important, courage, and relationships are topics that will be discussed in this three-part series on the book of Judges. Youth will engage in activities and discussion surrounding these main ideas. Sessions include:

Judges 4 What's a Nice Girl Like…

Judges 6-7 Gideon: There's More to Winning

Judges 14-16 Haircut Anyone?

Sessions can be done in any order.

Spice Rack is a downloadable Bible curriculum perfect for middle school and high school students with 15 individual studies that cover an entire year. Each downloadable lesson is packed with a variety of activities, discussion questions, and games providing leaders the flexibility to use any time of the year in any ministry environment.

ISBN 9781501821516
Mark DeVries (Writer)
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date January 1, 2016
Binding Digital Media