Bible Lessons for Youth is a comprehensive 6-year Bible-to-life curriculum that helps teens apply the Bible to their real-life. Its teacher-friendly format is built around a step-by-step sequence with thought-provoking activities designed to help youth understand Scripture and apply it to their individual experiences. Bible lessons are printed in the CEB and NRSV translations, and are coordinated with the Uniform Lesson Series. Contains options for younger and older youth.

Leader Guide features a facsimile of each page from the Student Book and step-by-step teaching plans for easy planning. Student Books have actual Scripture verses (in case students don't have their Bibles handy), plus reflections on how the Scripture relates to their lives, and activities to engage their interest.

Winter Theme:
Our Love for God

Deuteronomy | Joshua | Psalms | Matthew | Philippians | James

Unit 1 - God Commands Our Love, Respect, and Obedience
Unit 2 - Loving God by Trusting Christ
Unit 3 - Love Songs That Glorify God

ISBN 9781501852824
Bled, Rebekah (Author)
Cindy Klick (Writer)
Hamilton, Harold Osborne (Author)
Jones, Evan (Author)
Pub. Date October, 2018
Binding Miscellaneous