We recognize the challenges churches face in engaging high school teens in deeper faith formation. Made up of 5 4-week studies, Canvas will captivate your students as they experience and explore the theological beliefs and foundational concepts that ground their faith.

By working together to learn from history, tradition, and the Bible, students will uncover a portrait of God that will be an inspirational foundation to their own journey.

This undated resource is designed to empower students to lead the lessons themselves, thus drawing students to not only learn about their faith, but put it into practice by serving and teaching others.

Flexible to use as a continuation of confirmation, a small group resource, or student leadership resource. Canvas will inspire your students to paint the picture of their faith.

Even when we don’t deserve it, God embraces us. This is the story of grace - about how God responds to our faults and failures with patience and generosity, offering us a new life and a chance to grow forward. In Canvas: A Portrait of Grace, your students will experience what it means to be people who are covered with God’s grace. Over four weeks, they will immerse themselves in the grace of God, explore what the Bible says, and then explore how the church has experienced and lived in God’s grace through the centuries. Throughout all of it, they will be reminded of the awesome gift that we are given through our relationship with God.


ISBN 9781501859182
Cherry PhD, Rev. Natalya (Author)
David A. deSilva (Author)
Keat,James (Author)
Publisher Abingdon Press
Pub. Date August, 2018
Binding Book - Paperback