The Groove Bible study series invites teens to learn the essentials of their faith, own their story, and engage the world in serving Jesus. Each topical study consists of four weekly sessions that are easy to lead and relate to life issues teens face.

With up to 48 weeks available in 12 studies, Groove is great for Sunday and mid-week gatherings for both large and small groups as well as retreats. The leader guide contains everything needed to lead teens through a Groove study, including teaching outlines, leader notes, Bible background, reflections, and parent communication.  The student journal contains session-specific questions, background information, and daily devotions for each session.



The Groove Lesson Bundle Download includes 12, four-week session Bible studies for a total of 48 weeks!


Helping teenagers grow in Christ-like character is no easy task. Character is designed to help teens develop Christ-like behavior in their daily lives. Teenagers will consider the ideas of truth, how they use their words, how they view their possessions, and what it is to be a person of integrity.


Every day, youth are called to navigate a world full of challenging decisions—from the simple choices about everyday life to the much more serious ethical dilemmas that can make being a teenager a complicated experience. Dilemmas will help teens understand how to make inspired, smart choices...


Grace is a church word that sometimes gets lost in the world of teenagers. Grace is designed to show youth that grace is a real, practical force in their lives even in the midst of brokenness, fear, doubt, and stress. 

I Am

Discovering and embracing one’s identity has proven to be a long, lonely, rough, and at times, dangerous road for today’s teenagers. It’s likely you’ve chosen this study to use with your youth group because you care deeply and want the teenagers within your sphere of influence to find the...

Inside Out

In our media-saturated world, images and messages about appearance, love, and romance bombard teenagers daily. These often unrealistic and unhealthy representations of the normal teen life can be confusing to teenagers as they attempt to follow Christ. Over the course of this study, teenagers will...


What do Christian teenagers believe today about Jesus Christ? Jesus is a study designed to help teens encounter the basic truths about who Jesus is and why that matters in their lives.


If you have been in youth ministry for any length of time, you will quickly learn the one thing that teenagers value most: their relationships. Relationships looks at the key relationships that youth have with their families, friends, and members of the opposite sex. 


Nearly all youth are involved in school and educational pursuits for a majority of their day. School is designed to help teenagers consider how their faith affects their lives at school. 


Temptation is a study designed to help teens navigate and overcome the daily temptations they battle. Greed, pride, envy, and lust are challenges we all face; so understanding the spiritual implications of those temptations can help our youth thrive in their spiritual lives as they move into...

The Basics

Today’s faith and Bible literacy are in decline. Some claim that the Christian faith is in danger of becoming extinct. The Basics study is not a quick fix to this situation. Instead it is a handcrafted tool that when used by compassionate, caring, and committed adults, will ignite teens'...

The Life

The Life is a study designed to help youth consider spiritual practices and what those practices can mean in their lives. Each week, they will consider the practices of being committed to a church family, of prayer, of giving, and of sharing their faith with others. 

The Walk

What does it look like to “walk with Jesus”? The Walk is designed to teach youth what it means to walk with Jesus. As their faith grows, they will learn to exercise the grace, love, patience, humility, and meekness found only in Christ. 
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